Food Legislation

Every Country world wide needs to have laws to ensure certain quality standards protecting consumer standards. The consumers must be protected from health harzadous products secondly ensure that quality standards are adhered to. Information given about products may not be untrue, misleading or making scientific  untrue statements on labelling or by advertising.

South Africa have various of laws some legislations controls the hygienic slaughtering of animals, others control the marketing of agricultural products and the exports thereof standards of food. Some legislation thus have an indirect influence over the safety of foods. The are following bodies that are responsible to formulate and enforce legislation over the food industry in South Africa:

1. Department of national health and population development – Health Act and Food staff Act.

2.Department of Agriculture.

3.Department of Trade Industry – SABS ISO9000 and SABS049.

The health Act, 1977 ( Act 63 of 1977)

Regulations concerning food premises and transport.

Regulations concerning dairies and the transport of milk.

Regulations concerning inspection and investigation.

The Act on Foodstuffs, Cosmetics and Disinfections, 1972 (Act 54 of 1972)

Presevatives and antioxidantsin foodstuff.

Colourants in foodstuff.

Labelling and advertising.

Maximum limits for pesticide residues that foodstaff may contain.

To open your own food company or fast food selling you should have the certificate of acceptability before selling food products to consumers. You can apply for this certificate to your local municipality they will first inspect your premises and after that it will depend on them that you can sell food products, because you met all the neccessary standards and regulations that are required by these Act.



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