Hypertension (Chronic High Blood Pressure)

Hypertension is the blood pressure that is higher or beyond normal levels and it forces blood against artery walls. Normal blood pressure is 120 to 80, At risk or pre hypertension stage is 120-139 to 80-89. High stage of hypertension is 140-159 to 90-99.

Etiology or Causes of high blood pressure can result from environmental or genetics causes . (Schonfeld & hall, 2012).

Factors that influence development of hypertension:

Family history of either HPT or stroke

Genetics- African ancestry


Physical inactivity


High normal blood pressure

Low birth weight


Excessive salt intake, Increased alcohol intake, Low intake of fruit and vegetables , High intake of saturated fats and trans fats.

Complications that caused by HPT:

Damage arteries which reduce the blood oxygen flow to the heart > Agina, Heart failure and heart attack.

Organ Damage/ failure: heart, kidneys, pheripheral. Blood circulation problems result in reduced pulse.

Management of Hypertension

Lifestyle modification:

Weight reduction, Dash diet, reduced dietary sodium, Increased physically activity and moderate alcohol consumption.

Dash diet:

Dietary pattern that is rich in fruit, vegetables and low fat dairy products.

Low in sodium/ salt

Low intake of saturated fatty intake.

Role of dairy foods in heart disease:

Calcium in milk can help reduce blood presssure.

Milk is low in sodium

Calcium shown to reduce stroke risk.

Bioactive substance in fermented milk can lower blood pressure.

Increased dairy products may protect overweight people against development of obesity, increased blood glucose, hypertension and heart disease.images


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