Taste of Cape Town

Hey guys hope you all doing well were ever you are today . On the 19 of April 2013 we were invited by our Communication Lecture which is Mr Cromhout to attend the Taste of Cape town. The event was held at Green Point Cricket Club on the 19 – 22 April 2013. On my own perception the event or the exhibition was extremely awesome because it was my first time to attend such an event like that. what I enjoyed the mostly was the Fresh living Chefs Theatre that were doing live demonstration of different meals and those meal were prepared by one of the SA`s top chefs . Food enthusiasts are in for a culinary treat at the Taste of Cape Town festival . over 100 boutique exhibitors, along with many hand picked artisan producers and award winning wineries were  on show during that day. The important thing i learned there was the importance of merchandising because most of the stores there were highly decorated and spacious and variety of colors were utilized very effective .

Top 3 stores the for my own opinion was Signal restaurant at Gape Grace, Mitchells SA`S oldest craft beer and Jack Daniels these store were highly decorated .

The most effective stall design end elements used overall was Azure – they were effective in terms of using lighting and using variety of colors in their store which makes it more appealing and attractive.

IMG-20130413-00279Best use of color..


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